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“For me, it’s all about school. I’m almost done full-time school, which makes me feel ready for grown up life and somewhat impatient about waiting to move on to the next step. I.e. getting married and buying a house. The interconnected issue also is of course, money. I have money saved up and technically no debt, which makes me even more ready to get married. It’s not worth it for me to get married at the moment because we’d only have one source of income and we’d end up living in his parents’ basement, which I’m trying to avoid.” (side note: her boyfriend will start school soon and hence will have a loan and won’t be able to support her right away – that is what she’s referring to here)

“I think it’s a beautiful, awesome idea. But the reality isn’t always as good as the ideal. I think it’s amazing that people make that kind of commitment and have that kind of faith in each other – it’s really incredible. I want to get married myself but I want to make sure it’s someone who will add to my life and not make it worse in the long run. I would want to marry someone who would help make life easier not harder. I’m not worried about it but it’s a big thing so I wouldn’t do it unless I was completely sure.”

“I have always believed in the constitution of marriage. In a time where everything comes with an expiry date, I believe in love forever, how much ever ‘fairytale’-like it sounds! I have seen both types of marriages where people have had loved and then fell out of it over time, and arranged ones, where they fell in love later. What matters most is the companionship you share along with the bond one feels for each other. Some people have stayed together because of love, some because that’s the norm and some because it’s necessary for the kids. What I feel is most important in a marriage/ strong relationship is being yourself, being good friends, being comfortable and at the same time being crazy with and about each other. The other thing that’s very essential is – being fond of each other, accepting the other person the way he/she is with their opinions and ideas, not just because you look good together or enjoy great sex together (which is a crucial part) but because you both see the same bigger picture or can fill in the bigger picture by fitting in the small jig-saw pieces correctly and perfectly.

And that’s why I would never want to get married just for the heck of it, I would love for it to happen, but a lot of times,  society makes it really difficult for people like me (HOTTIE  ) to prioritize our goals in life and stay single till we find the ‘right’ or ‘rightly wrong’ person.  And to top it off, there are families involved, and caste and religion etc. That’s my take of marriage being a single woman.”

Unmarried men:

James Bond

“Scared. Worried if the person is right. Worried if I’ll even find the right person. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t get married. Sometimes it’s easier to get married for the companionship. What if all your friends are married and you have no one to hang out with because they do ‘married people things’? For that reason, yea I’d probably get married. And to make my parents happy. Basically, for the companionship. “

“I think it’s great. I think newly married life is the best. You get to have fun with your partner, live with them, go on little adventures together, be madly in love. There is of course some fear, and excitement. Anytime you  have to make a decision you will have to live with for the rest of your life, it’s a little scary.”

“In my early 20′s, I probably did not appreciate the importance of marriage as much as I do now. That being said, I think the idea of ‘being career-oriented first’ is kind of overrated. Marriage is a commitment, sure, but that shouldn’t mean it will take away from developing your bright and exciting new career. I’m guessing a lot of people had rather opposite feelings, just as I did early on, but I’m older and wiser now. Marriage in fact will enhance not just your personal life, but your professional life too. It’s so obvious, just look at our parents! I think having that rock to keep you grounded and on cloud 9 at the same time will strike that perfect balance in your life. Ultimately, I think marriage is really a ‘lifelong companionship’. Am I scared when that day comes? Sure. But I think its the same ‘scared’ you feel just before you skydive. Part of you reassures you that it’s going to be a great experience, and once you take the plunge, all of you knows that it’s the right decision.”