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Almost married women:

“I feel like I’m not a good case study because we were long distance – so I’m really excited!!! Nervous for the wedding itself because Indian weddings are an organized chaos – but so excited to have found someone to spend my life with. We will finally be in the same place even 3 to 4 days a week.”

Indian wedding 2

“Marriage for me now only seems like a formality, a procedure to legalize my relationship to my partner. Being with him for many years makes me realize that I am so used to him that life seems incomplete without him. Daily chores are mundane, my home isn’t a home without him. If marriage is what makes it complete then I love the idea of marriage. I can’t wait to see what horizons are yet unseen beyond the realm of marriage. I want to know how the transition from being a girlfriend to a fiancee now changes to becoming a wife. Just thinking of marrying him and making our vows to love each other forever fills me with joy and anticipation. This feeling reassures me that the decision we are taking is the right one and HE is the right one!”

“Marriage is one of many life choices. I would just say choose your spouse wisely. There are definitely some compromises but instead of fighting it, I have learned to grow in the relationship. And that’s how I know I am with the right person because I would never have done it for anyone else otherwise. And it will definitely be interesting staying with my new husband on a daily basis. I have always been very independent and never relied on anyone for happiness but I do think it’s important to have that sense of security. It’s always good to know he’s got my back. Last but not least – tax benefits!”