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Although I haven’t been watching Glee as religiously as I used to, I feel an incredible amount of sadness about this news. It is so unbelievable that he has passed that I half expect this whole thing to be a hoax and for him to show up in the next episode of Glee like nothing happened. Strange how attached you get to someone you actually don’t know at all. We all knew him as Finn, the sweetheart football player with a powerful voice on Glee, but do we really know the real Cory? Yet we grieve for him like he was a friend we knew and hung out with in high school. Not quite the family member type of grieving but the shocked “Oh my God I just saw him in an episode the other day!” kind of grieving.

I almost know the autopsy will reveal a drug overdose, but here’s hoping Cory does not join the very long list of celebrity deaths due to that terrible but highly common reason. However the media has been mentioning that he checked into rehab once again in April 2013, so I am keeping my hopes low.

And I cannot even begin to imagine what this loss will do to his family and his love, Lea Michelle. It is so much harder having to deal with the loss of your boyfriend both in real life as well as on your show. The poor girl will probably have to relive his death in the show as well since my guess is they will be killing off his character to cover for the absence.


His death made me come to an interesting realization about how well we really know any of these celebrities. Realistically, what proportion of the ‘Gleeks’ out there even knew about his substance abuse issues and his early life? I’d consider myself a Gleek about a year ago and I had no idea. In fact, if I were to peg any of those characters as a substance abuser, there is no way Cory would be my first choice. But the kid has had a troubled history with substance abuse apparently. A child of divorced parents, he started using marijuana and alcohol at the age of 13, dropped out of high school at 16 (after attending a series of ‘troubled kids’ schools first), stole from friends at family to fund the addiction, and then checked into his first rehab program at 19 because of an intervention his mom and her friends had with him. I didn’t know any of this, and I am especially embarrassed to say that I didn’t even know he was Canadian! My point is, now that he’s dead, the world will suddenly become well-acquainted with his life history and problems. Remember Heath Ledger? Same thing.

And although it is way too early, the unsaid question on many a Glee fan’s mind is a no brainer: what happens to the show now? Will Glee survive without Finn? How do they plan to make up for his tragic loss?

Once again, it is a tragic time for Hollywood. Rest in peace Cory Monteith, a rising star struck down in his prime.