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1. He was already world famous by the time he took his first breath.


2. He had his first nappy changed by a real live prince.


3. HE is a real live prince, and probably a future king of a powerful first world nation.


3. He will never have a shortage of baby pictures (or any other age pictures for that matter).


4. He is already responsible for setting several fashion trends and jump-starting the British economy.

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5. He is probably the youngest human to have a worldwide fan following. 

Crowds outside St Mary's hospital in 1982 and today photo_1374536564939-1-HD


There’s no doubt about it: this is one lucky kid. Fame, fortune, the promise of being king … all of this just for being born a royal. That’s a pretty sweet deal right? Right?! I can almost see you shaking your head at that statement. Yea, the poor child will have to learn to field the paparazzi pretty quickly, always act appropriately in case a camera is spying, keep his personal affairs strictly under wraps, stay away from Prince Harry-like naked hotel room stunts, eat right, smile right, poop right, wave right, and basically live for his people. It will be interesting to see this little prince handle the media in his own way. Will he be a natural, like his mother? Or will he be a victim, like his late paternal grandmother? I guess only time will tell.