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Barcelona Spain (4)

Barcelona, Spain

I am going on vacation to Spain in exactly one week. Being a travel junkie (who has yet to actually travel), you can imagine my incredible urge to start bouncing off every wall I can find and keep bouncing until I first plant my feet on Spanish soil. I mean oh my God. It is going to be absolutely epic. If you know me, you know how much I’ve dreamt of seeing everything from the legendary Taj Mahal (yes, I am in fact of Indian origin and have yet to see this thing – for shame!) to the breathtaking Amazonian Rainforest. This will be my very first legitimate vacation to another country for the purposes of sight-seeing, relaxing, partying, and essentially, leaving all my American/Canadian troubles behind. I say legitimate because of the following reasons:

1. India trips don’t count as ‘legit’. Going to India means visiting relatives, attending weddings, eating, and shopping. I haven’t been outside of Mumbai or Pune, and being constantly asked when I’m planning to get married is definitely not my idea of partying, relaxing or leaving any of my troubles behind.

2. The Germany trip had potential but it was for a graduate school course for 12 days, all of which consisted of us waking up at the crack of dawn and visiting various public health-related sites in Cologne. So no, not a legit vacay either.

3. Stopovers on the way to India? Also not considered a vacation. Even if the layover was in Italy. Unfortunately the only Italian I experienced there was the overpriced super-brands like D&G which I momentarily glimpsed through my peripheral vision as I raced through the airport to catch my flight to Mumbai.

So you can imagine my elation.

The plan is to hit up Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Brunol, Ibiza and Seville. I won’t go into the details – I want to save that for my posts after I return – but let’s just say I’m going in with high expectations and a pretty low budget. Best way to travel right?!

Also, interestingly, I happened to come across this awesome outfitter company (which I’m sure all of you already know about because I swear, sometimes I really live under a rock) called ‘gadventures’. For those of you who are clueless like me, it’s this cool adventure/vacation travel company that organizes trips of all kinds for groups from all over the world. You’ve got everything from adventure expeditions to relaxing vacations to anything in between. All their trips are graded so you can match your own activity level to theirs and ensure you choose something appropriate. I’d heard of things like this from Lonely Planet and National Geographic, but this is the first one I’ve found that seems affordable. And who doesn’t love a good deal? So yea, that’s my two cent description which probably didn’t explain too much so just go visit the website:  http://www.gadventures.com/

My point is, this upcoming Spain trip will officially pop my travel cherry, after which I am SO doing one of these vacations starting next year! If I like it, I’ll continue. If not, hey, at least I won’t be left wondering. My lifelong dream of visiting Peru and the surrounding Amazon can FINALLY come true! And after that who knows what could follow? African safari? Pyramids of Egypt? Great Barrier Reef? Eiffel Tower? The possibilities just got ENDLESS my loves.