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We all have demons.

You know, those hideously stressful fears that threaten to overwhelm us and suck the life out of us if given the chance. That fear of dying alone, never meeting ‘the one’, being betrayed, never making it into that university, never getting that scholarship, freezing up during an important public speaking event, choking at bat, cracking under pressure, letting your team down, being a terrible mother, losing friends, being hated and misunderstood by the world, being too short, tall, thin, fat…and I could go on. The point is, we all have our demons. It doesn’t make one of us more special than the other, because we’re all dealing with certain negative aspects of our lives that are perfectly suited to be our individual demons.

Some are ancient demons. We’ve been dealing with them since we were little and maybe have developed some kind of a coping mechanism to keep them from completely taking over. Some used to exist as itty-bitty, insignificant little things, but have now taken on a very ugly and dangerous form, threatening to affect important life decisions and day-to-day activities. Some were passed down to us by our parents, with no instruction manual on how to really deal with them. But the point is, we all have them. We all experience their wrath during the lowest points of our lives, or when we have little to no support available to us.

I am no stranger to demons. Although I am lucky to have had a positive, nurturing childhood with lots of love and support from my family my friends (not everyone is so lucky, I know), I have definitely had my share of ‘rock bottom’ situations through my twenties. And I know I haven’t seen the last of those either. However I am a big believer in gathering every kind of ammunition available to me other there and launching a full frontal attack on those good-for-nothings every chance I get. To me, it doesn’t matter that I may have faced this same demon before. All I care about is proving to myself, time and time again, that I have the strength and willpower to beat it every single time. Without that assurance it would be easy to succumb, and then I’d be in big trouble.

I believe that while it may be the ‘luck of the draw’ when it comes to the kind/intensity/severity of the demons we inherit, how we deal with them is COMPLETELY in our power. I’ve seen what positivity and unyielding willpower can do in absolutely hopeless situations, and I’m a huge believer in staying positive even if it only keeps my head above water. At least I am still breathing.