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It’s funny how the unfamiliar suddenly starts to feel familiar when it’s time for you to leave. With two weeks left of my time in the tiniest state in America, I almost don’t mind that there are literally four bars here. At least we don’t have to pay tax!  Or that we don’t have a real airport. Woo shopping! I will actually miss my cosy little Trolley Square apartment, and the riverfront, where Leo took his first outdoor poop – by far one of the happiest days of my life – or my work family, who has supported me throughout some serious shit that went down this past year.

Of all the places I’ve moved to in life so far, Delaware has been the loneliest. Probably because I only gave myself a year here. And probably because I don’t have the socially supportive structure of an environment like college/graduate school to provide that avenue for me to nurture relationships in. In my short time here I think I made four close friends. Max. For someone as social as me, that is one difficult pill to swallow. Yet it has been eye-opening. It has allowed me to focus on myself, forced me to step outside my comfort zone and befriend individuals with very different lifestyles and passions than me. It was there for me when I was alone. And it has taught me to stand up to my demons on my own. I am grateful to Delaware. Truly.

Now when it’s time to move to one of my favorite cities ever, I find myself hesitating. Will it live up to my expectations? Will I live up to its expectations? Will it take another year before I begin making meaningful relationships? Will I even feel like I’m living there given the nature of my job? So many questions.

As I head toward my thirties and the relationships I retain become increasingly important I find myself asking the obvious question: where do I finally settle? Which relationships make it to the final round in Prutha’s life?

As usual, only time will tell. Meanwhile, this nomad is on the move once again.