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Dance like no one's watching.

The day I can actually do that, dance like no one’s watching, without regard to anyone or anything around me but my own consciousness and passion, that is the day I will feel like a dancer.
It is only fitting that I make my first post about dance. Since this blog is about the world through my eyes, let me just say that dance will often be something I talk about. Because dance is my passion. Not my calling, or my career goal or my reason to live, but my PASSION. Pure, unadulterated passion for this art form has been a driving force for me my entire life. Through life’s troubles, my own complicated emotional turmoils, and everyday joys and devastations, I have clung to my passion like it was a lifebuoy. I’ve clung to it because it is the one thing that stays constant as my life changes incessantly. It is the one thing that will not let me down or hurt me. It is the one thing that will force me to leave my troubles behind, at least temporarily.
It has been like a silent candle in the wind through every difficulty – when I had my first heart break, when I lost a close friend, when I was alone in a new place and knew no one, and every other time I needed the strength.
I am thankful I have such a strong pillar by my side as I struggle to face life’s many trials.
That being said, I don’t believe I’m a great dancer. Far from it in fact. I am eons away from coming close to some of my idols out there.

But I have passion.